Stress Terminator Ministries - Jesus is "THE TERMINATOR" of stress.
               First of all, as we focus on the Cross of Jesus, who is our Stress Terminator, He will always comfort us in our daily life.
A list of church rules and trying to keep The Big Ten, will not produce His life, only stress. Many of us have lost our peace of mind, joy and have concluded that this Christian Life is just not working. After all of my obedience to church rules, where is the beef?
          Many ministers are suffering burnout because they do not understand the message of Grace (Jesus). Many are preaching about Jesus, rather than preaching Jesus:God's Grace. Preaching the law is preaching Moses and that is what Jesus came to fullfill.
Preaching Grace is preaching Jesus because He (Jesus) is the Grace of God. Preaching Jesus as Paul did, brings the easy yoke that Jesus talked about and will never stress you out.
           Daily stress brings depression and many are just accepting this as normal with no relief in sight. But if we keep our focus on Jesus, stress will decrease. Knowing Jesus intimately produces His Life IN you, THROUGH you and AS you. Click on Grace Nuggets and be encouraged. Click on our .
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Tommy Hawk: 
Bible Teacher / Author / Country Western Gospel Singer