Stress Terminator Ministries - Jesus is "THE TERMINATOR" of stress.
Dear Pastor,
Our goal in every area is to bring unsaved people into your local church to hear the message of salvation. For over thirty years, I traveled telling my story of Mafia Freedom. My testimony has been a great fishing tool in bringing the unsaved to Jesus. Thousands have come to believe after my appearances on TBN and the 700 Club. Only God know show many have come to believe in Jesus after reading articles in Global Magazines: such as Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship International (FGBMFI)and Charisma Magazine.   
As you know from pastoring, you get many people that we call floaters from other churches and many never settle down. As you know, this can get very discouraging. Our goal is to increase your church attendance from people who are unsaved and the local church follow up and mentor the new converts. Churches have experienced exciting refreshment of attitude toward the unsaved after hearing the message of God's unconditional love.  After many requests for a book on my life, “Mafia Freedom” is now a reality.
Now the question is how to get the unsaved in the building. That really is the easy part and we have a plan to make that happen for your church. We need to remember, we are fishing and we have to use good bait and the word Mafia is a tempting lure. Some will not come to a church building no matter who is speaking, but we have a plan for that also. Therefore, we have to be wise in our fishing expeditions and we have seen our plan work hundreds of time with out a book. Now with a book we are more excited than ever to come to your city.
As you know, people need to know Jesus. Please do not miss this wonderful opportunity to win the lost in your city. It is so exciting to see unsaved people come to know the love of Jesus. We want to fill your church with New Born Christians.
                         Tommy Hawk Ministries
Box 455 Reynoldsburg, Ohio 43068